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Group Homes for Young Adults

WinGate - Young adult sad needing therapy from treatment facilityMany parents who are struggling to help their child "in crisis," will look to group homes as a solution. While Group Homes are at times successful for some young adults, Wingate can provide a healthier and more direct alternative, with our therapeutic wilderness program.

Wingate Wilderness Therapy strives to provide a "new home" for your young adult that will empower them to reach forward and become their very best. Our unique approach gives them the courage and confidence they need to forge ahead and develop a mature perspective and thoughtful discipline. This wilderness atmosphere allows our students to gain insight, more quickly, into their previous, unhealthy behavior, thus enabling them to execute the adequate changes.

Our philosophy, here at Wingate, is that during the process of treating young adults, we build an environment of responsiveness while at the same time subduing the opposition they may have toward change and to authority. At Wingate, we believe in "collaboration" rather than "confrontation." We have positive regard for each and every student, and our therapists strive carefully and vigorously to gain insights into each young adult student.

Please feel free to contact Wingate's admissions department for more information regarding enrollment and availability at (800) 560-1599.

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Quality Group Homes for Young Adults

Our therapists prepare each student with independent living skills, so that when they leave our program, your child will be equipped for achieving real success. Wingate's therapeutic program inspires each young adult with an elevated self-esteem. Thus empowering them to realize their full potential and what they can contribute, as adults, to society.

Through our nurturing yet challenging environment, our therapists help each student with overcoming the issues that have been, in the past, preventing them from moving forward in the world.

Wilderness Therapy Programs for Young Adults

Wingate has the ideal wilderness program, as an alternative to a group home, available for your at-risk child. Because of WinGate Wilderness Therapy - Young adults liking therapeutic healing of wilderness programour healing wilderness environment, your child will experience freedom from the typical disturbances and agitations that are commonly experienced in a group home setting.

With our skilled and experienced staff, your troubled young adult child can undergo changes that will evoke powerful ideals. If your son or daughter is struggling because of addiction, mental health issues, or low self-esteem, then we urge you to call into our program to see if Wingate Wilderness Therapy is the right choice for you.

Our program will help by providing a caring, stable environment for your child. Call (800) 560-1599 today.


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