Aspergers And ASD

Aspergers And ASD

Working With Teens Diagnosed With Asperger’s Syndrome And ASD

Autism disorders exist along a spectrum of disorders that vary in degree and symptoms. This spectrum is referred to as autism spectrum disorder. Asperger’s Syndrome is a form of autism in which a child can develop a high level of functionality. At Wingate, we offer a wilderness therapy program that is immensely beneficial to youth who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

We specialize in dealing with dual diagnoses cases, and we believe in the development of strong, structured and organized approach to engaging the challenges of many of the diagnosis we deal with on an ongoing basis. 

How Are Asperger Syndrome And High Functioning Autism Different?

According to Autism Speaks, a common symptom of Asperger’s syndrome is the inability of the child to effectively identify and express their feelings, which is also common with high functioning autism. If fact, it is likely that Asperger and HFA will eventually be placed into the same category.

At Wingate Wilderness Therapy, we use innovative treatment approaches that have been proven to be successful in enhancing the capacity of youth will Asperger. 

Effective Treatment For Asperger

In comparison to other autism disorders that are a part of ASD, Asperger’s Syndrome is a condition that does not limit functionality as much as other forms of autism. The point of treatment is to help the child develop the skills to better manage their condition — enhancing their overall performance over the course of their life.

The first step is educating you, as the parent, on what to expect and how to engage it. It starts with creating an accepting and loving environment at home, as well as developing a lucid perspicacity of your child’s limitations. Just like any other child, a child diagnosed with Asperger will their own strengths and weaknesses, and cultivating the strengths and developing the weaknesses begins with the capacity to support your child.

At Wingate, we will use a highly structured format to assist your child to become as functional as possible. Children with Asperger’s syndrome benefit from the implementation of highly regimented routines that include homework, meals and bedtime. Additionally, it is important to be highly specific with the rules that are set, as well as being consistent in the manner in which they are enforced. This consistency will definitely lower the stress load for the child — leading to better health and higher performance levels.

According to WebMD, as a general rule, children with Asperger’s syndrome do better with verbal communication and instructions than with non-verbal teaching. The more direct and straightforward the engagement, the better the results.

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Helping Your Child See The Big Picture

One of the common challenges of Asperger’s Syndrome is that the person is not always able to see the big picture. It is easy for them to become fixated on a portion of the situation rather than the whole picture. Using techniques, such as the parts-to-whole teaching technique, beginning with one part of a concept and then building on it, can have an immensely beneficial effect in helping your child develop the capacity to understand and demonstrate encompassing ideas.

The Benefits Of Enrolling In Wingate Wilderness Therapy

As with other Asperger and ASD treatment centers, Wingate provides the latest, most innovating treatments for the condition; however, we also integrate wilderness and nature therapy, which can be highly successful in the treatment of ASD. One of the most effective therapeutic modalities in treating ASD is group therapy. Group therapy provides a community of support in an environment in which there will be others that your child can relate to.

Group therapy has become a proven method of treatment when it comes to providing the platform and impetus necessary to propel youth, who are struggling with a number of challenges, ahead in life.

Being exposed to therapeutic treatment in a natural setting like the wilderness creates a significant contrast to more traditional approaches. Functioning in a natural setting creates an environment in which many of the distractions that are consistently present in more traditional settings.

The wilderness creates a 24-hour environment which facilities experiential treatment at an unparalleled level.

When considering some of the common challenges associated with Asperger’s Syndrome, wilderness therapy has the ability to develop the capacity to increase attention to process, which is extremely important when it comes to people who are diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Another benefit of enrolling in Wingate is that it will help your teen develop the capacity to build stronger, more meaningful relationships with family and friends — something that can be a challenge for those who have this condition.

The wilderness has its own healing properties, that when combine with other effective treatment models, can be highly effective — producing lasting results. If you are looking for a treatment option that has a proven track record, contact us today in order to discuss treatment option for your teen.