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Summer Camps For Troubled Teens

Has your troubled teen been struggling with substance abuse, violence, or rebellious behavior? If so, you've probably been considering different treatment options that could help your son or daughter make a lasting change to their life. Many parents in this situation will consider sending their child to a summer camp for troubled teens. However, this isn't the best choice. Instead, consider a wilderness therapy program like Wingate Wilderness Therapy. Our approach has helped hundreds of teens get their lives back on track and we can help your child too. Contact us at 1-800-560-1599.

Why Parents Choose Wilderness Therapy Over Summer Camps

1 - More focus on therapy - At Wingate Wilderness Therapy, our program puts a great deal of emphasis on therapy. We offer a number of different therapeutic options to ensure that every teen we treat gets the right support and guidance. This type of help is one of the most important factors in determining if a teen will recover from the problems they have been experiencing.

2 - Lack of distractions - Summer camps are often fraught with distractions that stop a teen from focusing all their energy on improvement. During wilderness therapy, your teen will be able to focus completely on making the changes they need. This can really improve the entire recovery process in addition to making it more efficient.

3 - Positive peer support - Because your teen will be part of a small group of teens living in the wilderness, they will have the opportunity to form deep bonds with their peers. As they form these relationships, the support and encouragement of their peers will be a major part of guiding them towards better choices and a full recovery.

Wingate Wilderness Therapy Can Make A Difference In Your Teen's Life

Wilderness therapy offers a number of different advantages to treatment that you can't find anywhere else. It offers a distraction free environment, opportunities to really get to know the staff, and the chance to form a strong peer support group. All of these factors work together to ensure that teens who go through wilderness therapy have the best opportunity possible to change their lives and grow as people. Other programs fail because they don't offer the chance to make these fundamental personality adjustments. A big part of this process is building new and valuable character traits. While your teen is going through our program, they will be guided towards developing a strong sense of personal responsibility, self-reliance, and discipline. All of these will work together to change the way your teen approaches their life.

Contact Wingate Wilderness Therapy Today For Help

If you are ready to bring about a lasting change in your teen's life, then don't turn to a summer camp. Instead, contact us as Wingate Wilderness Therapy. We know exactly how to help teens recover from issues like substance abuse, anger, violence, poor school performance, and many others. We have a proven record of changing teens life and we know that your teen will have the same results. You can reach us today for help at 1-800-560-1599.

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