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Ed Simons, LCSW, BCD


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Ed has spent the last 24 years helping individuals and families working with Utah's Family Preservation Program and as a combat medic/therapist in the United States Air Force (recently retired in December of 2020). During Ed's 24 years he has worked in multiple positions providing supervision to clinicians and therapy to individuals and families. Eds most recent experience includes serving in mental health clinics at seven military installations and three deployed combat locations around the world helping many of our servicemen under very difficult and challenging situations in our nation's defense.

Ed holds a master's degree in social work with an emphasis in marriage and family from the University of Utah. His clinical specialties include CPT, PE, DBT, CBT, strengths-based approaches, and motivational interviewing. Ed also completed a one-year Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Fellowship (helping clients renegotiate trauma) in 2012 and is trained as a Master Clinician in three evidenced based treatments for trauma. Additionally, he is trained in CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) and Nightmare Rescripting Therapy. He has led and supervised clinicians and personally worked with substance abuse, co-occurring diagnoses, sleep disorders, borderline personality disorder, ADHD, anxiety, depression, trauma, and attachment.

Ed is certified both regionally and nationally as a board certified diplomat in Social Work (BCD). Ed views his own ongoing quest for helping others through the healing process as an important part of his personal and professional goals. He is constantly seeking to improve his understanding of how to help individuals and families in that healing process.

Ed grew up in Louisiana, born into a military family, and has traveled the world during his military career to such places as Mississippi, Okinawa Japan, the Middle East, California, Texas and New Jersey to name a few. During that time Ed has developed a love for nature and its healing benefits. Ed enjoys hiking, exploring, traveling, sports, learning new things, staying active and spending time with his wife, Wendi, four children and two beautiful granddaughters Ana and Olive.

Ed believes that we all have inevitable struggles in life and all have the capability to heal. He believes in power of the wilderness to help center us and bring us into the present and invite that healing into our lives.