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Greg Hitchcock

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Greg's multi-faceted professional background provides excellent preparation for service as Director of Outreach at Wingate Wilderness Therapy.

Greg has been an educator, executive and entrepreneur in the behavioral health and addiction treatment space for over twenty years. He founded and/or directed a number of successful programs that have taken him from the tent to the boardroom. As a nationally sought-after consultant, Greg has had the opportunity to envision and launch therapeutic programs in Honduras and Russia, present seminars and workshops at national conferences, and help numerous therapeutic programs grow in quality and enrollments.

Greg has a Bachelor's Degree from Houghton College with a double major in English and Recreation and a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Redlands. This educational background combines with extensive field and administrative experiences in the Wilderness Therapy field to provide strong, dynamic leadership while retaining a grassroots sensitivity to both participants and their families.

When Greg is not busy with Wingate he enjoys boating, backpacking and skiing with his wife Charlene and his three children Kaden, Jackson and Tristan. Greg is also an avid mountaineer and fly-fisherman.