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Sheri Gallagher

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Sheri was born in Utah, however, typical of military families, her family moved a lot. The longest she lived in one place was 2½ years, which was in Mississippi. Her favorite places are Queens Fort in Rhode Island, Yuma, Arizona, Kailua, Hawaii and Fallbrook California. In these various environments, she learned to love the outdoors. Turtles, frogs and lizards are dear to her heart. Through these moving experiences, Sheri also learned to develop friendships fast, this skill has served her in her many years of quickly developing relationships of trust with the adolescents and young adults with whom she has worked.

Sheri has a Masters degree in Recreation Administration from Brigham Young University. Throughout her college tenure, she was chosen to lead many and varied recreational programs and trips with a variety of age groups, and in a variety of venues. Sheri has taught courses from canoeing to rappelling, and from beach and desert survival, to winter camping skills.

While in college, Sheri worked several years for the National Indian Youth Leadership Program, for which she was the Outdoor Recreation Specialist, and served on it's board of directors. These efforts were her introduction to a long career of working with at-risk youth.

As part of her masters degree program, Sheri helped design and implement the 1st long-term wilderness therapy program. She has worked at four other wilderness programs, in many cases helping them develop their curriculum and program features. Sheri is one of the most experienced persons in the wilderness therapy industry. Sheri is listed in Who's Who, and 2000 notable women.

Sheri met Shayne Gallagher while both were field staff at one of the original wilderness therapy programs. They have 6 children. (Tay, Phoenix, Teague, Yanni, Arizona, and Crete.) During one Christmas vacation, they took their children on a 35-mile survival trip when the youngest was 9 because that's how they roll!