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My name is Tay Gallagher. 

I grew up in a variety of places. I went on a mission for my church. I'm currently a student at Dixie State University, majoring in creative writing. I also work at an outdoor behavioral health program for struggling teens and young adults. I'm planning to become a writer of books, TV shows, and movies.

The way it has been put to me is that I am on the autism spectrum. For a long time I refused to believe that I'm "different," I have studied autism and have gained a much better understanding of the traits that come with it. I have now come to terms with, and appreciate those "spectrum traits" that are mine. I have found that I can work on myself and improve upon my talents and abilities just like anyone else can.

I started my blog as a way to help those who might be going through similar things that I go through, and for those who have "spectrum" people in their lives. I believe we all, regardless of our limitations, can be limitless.