Talented Clinicians

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WinGate's unique program is built around providing the most sophisticated clinical experience in the wilderness treatment arena today. We employ the dedicated efforts of talented clinicians who know how to utilize the best of what a wilderness experience has to offer, joined with their professional expertise, and united with the unique philosophical structure of our program.

Reducing Resistance to Clinical Efforts

WinGate creates a healing milieu specifically engineered to drastically reduce resistance to therapeutic interventions. Our program’s distinctive features allow for dramatic acceptance (by the student) of the clinical process itself. Treatment failure is often a result of subtle yet persistent treatment resistance. We have honed our approach to such an extent, we are often successful even after an individual has experienced several treatment failures before coming to us. We know how to reduce resistance, and this makes a vast clinical difference.

Robustly Clinical by Nature

WinGate provides a robust and genuine actual wilderness experience. Our therapists are not only trained in their clinical craft, but also in skills that help them use the wilderness to its fullest extent, while also not detracting from the natural wilderness influence. Our therapists understand that the wilderness itself is a powerful magnifier of their clinical efforts, and that their success as clinicians is dependent on their student experiencing this magnifying tool.

Clinical Effectiveness Multipliers

Although our clinicians are amazing, our philosophical structure is unparalleled, and the wilderness experience we provide is the most profound, it's the combination of these three features that really matters. These coalesced components are not clinical ‘add-ons’ to one another, but multipliers to one another. No therapist, as effective as they might be in their own right, will be able to facilitate genuine clinical progress while the program itself is causing internal resistance in the student when the student leaves the session. No program, as effectual as it might be, will be able to facilitate genuine internal change if the therapist doesn't also align with the preeminent aspects of the program. And on top of that, both the program features, and the therapist’s efforts are stunted if not carried out in the most effective wilderness experience possible.

Through experiencing all three features together, and nothing less, students are most authentically prepared to work through their deep therapeutic issues. We know how to use these three clinical assets in combination, better than anyone else.