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Our interest is that family relationships become healed and sustained for life’s decades to come, such permanency has far more to do with the ‘way of being’ than with parenting tools and techniques. We utilize the same groundbreaking scholarly work that informs our overall program by inviting family members to join us in the journey to understand how and why we as humans interact in both positive and negative ways. These groundbreaking concepts fundamentally address lifetime issues and promote a ‘change of heart’ for all those involved in this important family endeavor. We concentrate on that which is most important for family relationships as a system, not solely on identified individuals, and we have found the absolute best way to do just that.

As family members, when you become engaged in the literature we promote, the therapy activities we assign, the on-site seminar we deliver, the family field visits we facilitate, and the overall experience we provide for you, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Together, you and your child will learn the same language, concepts, and strategies we have been teaching to thousands of families who came before you. We are the best at sharing and teaching these ideas and the benefits have been felt across this country, and the globe.

If you would like to know more about these concepts, reading the following books is a good start:

The Anatomy of Peace, by The Arbinger Institute
Hold On to Your Kids, by Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D., and Gabor Mate, M.D.