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A half-century of psychotherapy research has shown that the quality of the therapeutic alliance is the most robust predictor of treatment success.

Many wilderness therapy programs use in vogue phrases like; “relational therapy,” “alliance based,” and even, “trauma informed,” when describing their therapeutic approach. Although these phrases sound great, they almost always refer merely to the actual techniques or approaches used by the therapists themselves during a session, with little to no account for a matching approach in the greater program. At WinGate the program itself is the foundational relationship driven structure upon which all other activities are sustained.

Informed by more than four decades of groundbreaking scholarly work on the subject of how and why human relationships function, WinGate’s relationship driven philosophy is our preeminent feature. It permeates all aspects of our staff training, family work, and clinical practices. WinGate stands unique in it’s capacity to ensure that a powerful therapeutic alliance is being continuously fostered between our students and every WinGate staff member they encounter. We are well known for our ability to help heal relationships on all levels.

If you would like to know more about this concept, reading the following book is a good start:

Bonds that Make Us Free, by C. Terry Warner
Negotiating the Therapeutic Alliance: A Relational Treatment Guide, by Jeremy D. Safran J. Christopher Muran