WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a top-notch therapeutic transitional living program offering Sober Living and alliance-based therapy to troubled young men and women who are battling drug use (prescription/otc) and/or alcohol abuse issues.

There are many reasons that may lead a young adult to become embroiled in substance abuse and find themselves deep in addiction. One of the primary causes of these issues is mental health concerns. Those who find themselves in over their heads with trying to deal with life’s complications often turn to crutches that allow them to better cope.

Unfortunately, Sober Living can be difficult for young adults, even those who have been through a traditional ninety-day rehab program. Because these programs do not give young adults the skills they need for Sober Living, they are often left to their stratagem for dealing with peer pressure and the temptation to return to their “old life”. WinGate is an aftercare treatment center that helps young people achieve their goals of living a sober life.

At WinGate, we understand it takes a concerted approach to help young adults truly achieve the ability to live a sober life. A few days in rehab cannot accomplish this because there is no true internal change.

Our transitional living program is perfect for those young adults who have come out of rehab or other sobriety treatment only to find themselves unable to cope with the pressures of life. We offer the opportunity for these troubled young adults to receive the adequate therapy they need so they can overcome their addiction for self-sufficient Sober Living.

To ensure a person can stay sober, they must first realize what has driven them toward addiction. Sober Living can never occur unless the underlying causes are first dealt with. We work to find the hidden causes and inspire young adults to make lasting changes in their lives.

As they work with their therapy staff and peers, they gain a new understanding of themselves and what causes them to make wrong decisions so they can learn to make the right ones.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a quality therapeutic transitional living program and Independent Living Skills Program, faithful to alliance-based therapy and outdoor education for young men and women battling drug use (prescription/otc), bipolar disorder, and/or peer conflict.

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Sober Living Environment at WinGate

As a top-notch treatment center for struggling young adults, WinGate Wilderness Therapy provides superb direction to young men and women battling alcohol abuse and/or drug use (prescription/otc) problems. Sober Living requires a person to make a commitment to their therapy. Once a person is fully vested in understanding their addiction and overcoming it, they will be more likely to find success, no matter what treatment they pursue.

In any recovery process, a person needs to be removed from the temptations of drugs and alcohol until they have the inner strength and confidence to say no. At WinGate, we work to instill inner strength and help young adults to obtain the skills they need for living and loving life.

Unfortunately, substance abuse and addiction often lead to young adults becoming embroiled in activities that are criminal in nature. It can be immensely difficult for parents who are dealing with a young adult child who seems to be on a perpetual downward spiral towards destruction.

We work to awaken individuals so they can see what their poor choices are doing to their lives. As they progress through our program, they learn the skills they need to overcome substance abuse and pursue Sober Living.

The young adults who graduate from WinGate are fully prepared for Sober Living because they are given the tools they need to avoid the life triggers that prompt them to use. As they gain confidence in themselves, they learn they can make effectual positive decisions that allow them to stay on course in the pursuit of their life goals.

At WinGate, we see young lives being changed on a daily basis. Many of our graduates go on to pursue college degrees and life-changing careers. One of the greatest joys we find is reuniting wayward young adults with the families that love them.

Those who graduate from our Sober Living Program possess the knowledge and life skills they need to be thoroughly efficient in living life independently.

Clean And Sober Living with Wilderness Therapy

Many young adults are referred to WinGate after they have completed Sober Living treatment or rehab for substance abuse and addiction. Just after rehab, people are often ill-prepared to acclimate to “normal” life and all of the temptations, pressures, and stress that come along with it.

Our aftercare program offers a unique therapy opportunity that allows young adults to experience the calming healing of nature. Through wilderness therapy, young adults can continue on the path they started in rehab, further learning about themselves and how they can truly pursue Sober Living permanently.

When people are taken away from the vices that once prompted them to make poor life decisions, they are often awakened so that real and lasting changes can take place through therapy. Whether they are hiking, sitting in a beautiful meditative spot, or fishing, they are continually being faced with new challenges that stretch their limitations and allow them to discover who they are, outside of their peers, their family, and their addiction.

Through individual and group therapy, a person’s underlying mental health issues can be discovered so they can be properly treated. Group therapy is especially beneficial when peer groups are working together towards a common goal in wilderness therapy. This teaches trust and communication skills that will eventually play out in a person’s everyday life.

WinGate offers young adults a chance to overcome their addiction so they can live a normal life. We also work with young adults to help them learn vital life skills that will allow them to make a life for themselves so they can live independently, feeling fully confident in their ability to make wise choices that will benefit their future instead of destroying it.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a top-notch Wilderness Therapy Program and therapeutic transitional living program, offering adventure therapy and alliance-based therapy to young men and women battling ADD/ADHD (attentional disorders), alcohol abuse, and/or anger issues. Contact one of our professional admissions specialists at (800) 560-1599 today!