Wilderness Serves Families in Need

From Admittance to 1 Year Post-Discharge WinGate graduates report a:

Circle 40%

Decrease in overall Mental Health issues.

WinGte Hikers

Through WinGate's nature-immersive, relational approach students show:

  • clinically notable healing in interpersonal relationships
  • a restored sense of ease in their nervous system.

Wilderness therapy effectively combines structured therapy with the restorative, healing qualities of nature.

Wilderness Therapy Can Help with...


Attachment Issues


Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

School Refusal

Substance Use Disorders


and more...

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Lower Scores, Less Stress.

WinGate's Y-OQ® SR 2.0 Scores Demonstrate Reliable, Lasting Change

Y-OQ® SR 2.0 Scores

Composite scores measure six subscales of distress. In line with the Reliable Change Index, (RCI) scores that lower by 18 or more points demonstrate reliable, lasting changes in behavior and health.

Learn more about subscale scoring and the Reliable Change Index:Y-OQ° 2.0 SR (Self-Report) Quick GuideY-OQ° 2.01

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Testimonials from our Students: