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Choose a Propsper Healthcare Lending Program That Fits Your Needs

Financing Wilderness Therapy ProgramWinGate is the premier wilderness program represented by the most experienced people in the business. As such, we know our program meets and exceeds the overall quality of other wilderness programs that charge considerably more than we do. What's more, we are poised to help you secure financing fast.

We are dedicated to providing an unrivaled service at an unrivaled cost, including assistance to secure a healthcare loan at a reasonable rate and an affordable repayment plan.

We encourage you to price other programs and conduct thorough research. While you are researching, look to see if other wilderness programs include the same exceptional help to secure affordable financing that we do. Wingate is uniquely different in many ways, no doubt. And, our outstanding service includes an unmatched commitment to help you secure financing promptly without affecting your credit.

Whereas some wilderness programs have been successful at driving prices up in this industry, WinGate has been influential in bringing prices down. Only a top-performing program could do that. Only a group of dedicated people truly dedicated to helping others would do it.

WinGate recognizes there are many challenges in placing a troubled teen or young adult, including the financial requirements in sending your child to the right program.

To help you with this burden, we are pleased to offer you personal assistance through your loan application process. By teaming up with Prosper Healthcare Loans, Wingate is in a much better position to serve our clients by offering multiple loan options and immediate response from live loan officers. You will be pleased with the reasonable interest rates, affordable payment plans, and the fact your loan inquiry won't negative affect your credit score.

Prosper Healthcare Lending

• Instant rate quote - Refreshingly fast

• Check your eligibility in less than 2 minutes

• Your information will be reviewed by a live loan officer

• Check your rate without affecting your credit score

• Reasonable interest rates

• Affordable monthly payments

• Receive funds via direct deposit today, or no more than a few days

• Safe and secure

Fill out Wingate's Prosper Healthcare Lending loan inquiry and choose a loan program that fits your particular needs! Click on the button below!

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Call 1-800-560-1599 or email us now to confidentially discuss
your situation with an experienced treatment professional and
to see if Wingate is right for your family.

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