Girls Boarding Schools in California

WinGate Wilderness Therapy - Teen sad need therapy from wilderness programWinGate Wilderness Therapy is a leading therapeutic treatment program based on solid wilderness therapy principles. WinGate serves struggling teen girls from California who are dealing with addiction, substance abuse, behavioral problems, or mental health issues. Although WinGate may be located outside the state of California, WinGate accepts teens from all over the country. Their therapeutic treatment is delivered through an environment that garners more lasting and internalized healing than traditional Boarding Schools for Girls.

Single-Sex Boarding Schools for Teen Girls

While there are advantages for parents in California placing their troubled teen girls in a single-sex boarding school, there are even more reasons to seek alternative solutions. Several studies have proven that boarding schools segregated by sex do more harm than good. Not only do such schools reinforce negative gender stereotypes, but they also prevent teen girls from being prepared for real-world situations. If teen girls are uncomfortable, or unprepared, to work around boys, they will have problems in the workforce.

It’s critical for parents of struggling teen girls to note that there are effective alternatives to same-sex boarding schools. One of these successful alternatives is wilderness therapy. The stress of addiction or behavioral issues can cause teen girls in California to feel anxious, sad, or helpless.

The body is adversely affected by such emotions, but being in the heart of nature reverses that. Researchers have found that over two-thirds of people throughout several studies found peace in a natural setting when stressed.

When struggling teen girls from California enter the wilderness therapy program offered by WinGate, they will be given their best chance of healing and overcoming their negative behaviors. They will not only experience individualized therapeutic counseling, but will also be able to obtain exceptional academic instruction in a safe, nurturing environment in the heart of nature.

Consultants from WinGate Wilderness Therapy are available to answer any questions concerned parents may have, as well as help them determine which wilderness therapy program is best suited for their teens. Call (800) 560-1599 today!

Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a premier wilderness therapy program that provides life skills training, adventure programs, and substance abuse recovery for troubled teens. Through such outdoor therapy, struggling teens from California will find success and sobriety. While WinGate may be located outside California, WinGate accepts teens from all throughout the country. WinGate is also an affiliated member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, making them the optimal choice for parents of at-risk teens.

Benefits of Co-Ed Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools are academic institutions with the added benefit of providing clinical therapy for troubled teens. The environment provided by a co-ed boarding school is better suited to a teen with behavioral and/or mental health issues than a traditional co-ed educational facility. WinGate Wilderness Therapy - Teenager loving therapeutic benefits of outdoors at wilderness programBy teens being enrolled into a co-ed boarding school, they learn to be comfortable around people of both genders. This facilitates a comfortable learning environment, as well as prepares them for the outside world.

Several studies have proven that those placed into a single-sex environment are less able to relate to the opposite sex, as opposed to those taught in a co-educational school. While the outcome is better for girls than it is for boys, the underlying concern remains the same. While proponents of single-sex boarding schools maintain the argument that such institutions promote better academic performance, research says otherwise. The impact on academics in a single-sex school versus a co-ed school is negligible, and even non-existent in some.

Parents of struggling teens should note that there are effective alternatives to same-sex boarding schools, one of which is Wilderness Therapy. When troubled teens from California enter the wilderness therapy program offered by WinGate, they are given their best shot at swift and lasting recovery. Not only will teens experienced individualized therapeutic counseling, but they will also be able to obtain exceptional academic instruction in a safe, nurturing environment in the calm of nature. As a result, therapy is far more effective and successful than in same-sex boarding schools.

Consultants from WinGate Wilderness Therapy are available to answer any questions concerned parents may have, as well as help them determine which wilderness therapy program is best suited for their teens.

Wilderness Therapy for California Troubled Teens

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a top wilderness therapy program designed to help struggling adolescents in California dealing with substance abuse, addiction, behavioral problems, and mental health issues. Through the use of adventure therapy and outdoor therapy, adolescents receive treatment and learn the life skills that are most vital for a sustained recovery.

Although WinGate may be located outside California, it is highly recommended that struggling teens be separated from the negative influences of their present peers. As a result, WinGate accepts at-risk adolescents from all over the country.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy - Teenagers happy recovering at therapeutic facility for adolescentsBenefits of Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness therapy helps adolescents in California learn healthy ways to overcome negative emotional and psychological patterns of thought while camping and adventuring through a calming landscape full of nature. This is just one of the myriad ways in which wilderness therapy programs stand apart from traditional boarding schools. Furthermore, those enrolled in wilderness therapy programs receive ongoing counseling, both individually and as a diverse support group. The transitional living of the wilderness therapy program provides a safe, harmonious place to make the switch from the world of addiction to that of sobriety.

While addiction is not always able to be cured, it is often able to be managed. Wilderness therapy enables teens to work through their addiction and keep control over their impulses. Without the skills learned through wilderness therapy, approximately 40% – 60% of those with addiction will relapse. Through a wilderness therapy life skills program, teens learn to live independently, as well as how to form healthy interpersonal relationships separate from their former negative environment and peers.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is there to help parents of troubled adolescents from California learn the life skills they need to lead a life of healthy sobriety. WinGate’s consultants are available to guide and coach parents of struggling adolescents. Call (800) 560-1599 today!


National Resources for Parents and Teens - Social and Online Media: The Departments of Health and Human Services or HHS will being as a resource online for anyone looking for information about the signs of mental health problems, how they can get help, and how communities can hold conversations on mental health. This website will have videos of people who have shared their mental health problem and recovery stories.

California State Resources for Parents:

California Healthline - California Healthline is committed to the important issues influencing health care policy, delivery, and financing. As a free, daily digest of health care news, policy and opinion, California Healthline was designed to meet the information demands of active health care specialists and decision makers.

National Alliance of Mental Illness California (NAMI California) - As a grassroots coalition of individuals and families whose lives have been touched by mental illness, NAMI California advocates for a life of both quality and respect, without discrimination or stigma. For all their constituents, NAMI California provides leadership in advocacy, policy development, legislation, education and support throughout the state of California.

Violence and Teens in America Today

The growing epidemic of troubled teenage violence goes way past just the big cities of America and infiltrates virtually every single community without regard for wealth status (the rich and the poor). Just 30 years ago the rate of 14 to 19 year old arrests went was 5 per 1000 and today is up to 125 per 1000 teens get arrested in that age range. 

Because of the intense and prolific amount of violence in our communities and city streets throught the country, teens are left without guidance and encouragement. This becomes an outlet for crime and especially violent behavior.  One common thread that is prevalent among violent teens is the lack of a father or father/male role model. The absence of a father figure has consequences that are felt throughout the community and the nation. As parents and guardians of our young men and women we must be aware of this issue and recognize that unless we act now, it will only get worse.

We see these alarming numbers at Wingate Wilderness Therapy and we know that we can help many of these teens that are struggling in todays violent environment. For immediate reasons how we can help, please call (800) 560-1599.

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