All-Girls Boarding Schools Near

All-girls boarding schools are designed to restore the relationships between girls and their families. Boarding schools for girls are designed to redirect the path that your teenage daughter is currently on and avoid the tragedy that almost always follows a series of bad decisions.  We can recommend boarding schools that offer individualized therapeutic counseling and outstanding academics in a safe and positive environment. Call today (800) 560-1599. 

Often a boarding school isn't the best option for your troubled daughter. There are some problems or situations that are only solved by a more individually focused intervention program. Wingate Wilderness Therapy is an alternative to an all girls boarding schools for troubled girls. Is your teenage daughter or female ward defiant, angry, moody and harming herself in any way? If this is your daughter, call and speak with a consultant at Wingate. Our program is a safe, personable program designed to bring recovery to the most severe problems your daughter might be facing. Take action now before it's too late to rescue your daughter.  

These issues do not usually resolve themselves, and they typically get worse until there is some therapeutic intervention. Call Wingate. We can work with your family through coaching, guidance, and support. Please call us at (800) 560-1599.