Independent Living Skills for Young Adults

Young Adult feeling encouraged with therapeutic benefits of outdoors at wilderness therapy programAs a premier therapeutic program for struggling young men and women, WinGate Wilderness Therapy provides valued assistance to youth experiencing eating disorders and/or depression. When a young adult progresses through recovery, it can often be difficult for them to finish rehab and then transition back into “normal” life. Often, the pull of substance abuse and addiction are too strong for a person to overcome after a short-term treatment program. At WinGate, young adults can go through our Independent Living program so they can not only learn the skills they need for sobriety, but also the life skills that are so crucial to being able to live a self-sufficient adult life.

Drug and alcohol addiction know no bounds. Many people start off using drugs to simply be a part of the crowd, only to end up becoming addicted. When addiction takes over, lives are often destroyed in the process. Regrettably, when one person in a family is addicted, every member suffers.

Though restrictive rehab and residential treatment programs are beneficial, there are way too many young adults who return home only to turn back to the activities that sent them to treatment in the first place. Our Independent Living program offers additional support to ensure a young person can live a stable life of sobriety.

Not everyone is ready for returning to regular life just after treatment. Some people need added support that allows them to transition from treatment and into Independent Living. Young adults continue receiving the support they need to gain control over their addiction while being allowed to make key life choices that teach them the decision-making skills they must possess.

Our Independent Living program continues the treatment young adults received in the residential treatment program but with a transitional approach. Research has shown this is the best treatment structure to see genuine and lasting success in living a sober life. WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a premier Wilderness Therapy Program and independent living skills program, giving adventure therapy and outdoor education to young adults experiencing academic failure, depression, and/or substance abuse issues. Contact one of our licensed admissions counselors at (800) 560-1599 to get experienced help for your troubled young adult child today!

Services For Independent Living

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a premier wilderness therapy program giving adventure therapy to troubled young adults who are experiencing substance abuse and/or academic failure. Parents of addicted young adults often feel inundated with a myriad of emotions. Many parents question themselves and wonder where they went wrong. Unfortunately, underlying mental health issues are often the primary culprit for drug and alcohol addiction. A parent can only do so much in steering their child away from the madness and onto the right path. Our Independent Living Enthusiastic young adult in restoration after wilderness program for struggling young men and womenprogram teaches young adult addicts the skillset they must acquire to be able to face the life obstacles they are presented with so they can make constructive decisions instead of falling back to their past behaviors.

Our wilderness therapy program surrounds young adults with the exquisite beauty of nature that offers a unique healing opportunity. As young adults progress through our wilderness therapy program, they are faced with a variety of life challenges that allow them to develop their critical thinking skills.

Understanding how to meet obstacles, and not only overcome them, but make practical decisions is crucial for Independent Living. We present them with experiences that will allow them to learn to effectively manage their stress and anxiety levels so they can avoid making incorrect decisions that may lead them down the path to relapse.

Unfortunately, troubled young adults face a variety of obstacles against their success including mental health conditions, behavioral issues, and substance abuse that often leads to addiction. We fully understand how limiting these barriers can be, but we offer the tools a person needs to rise above them and find success in sobriety.

With no distractions, no peer pressure, and no drug and alcohol temptation, young adults are able to focus fully on their treatment so they can learn to excel in Independent Living by gaining the skills they need to fully function on their own. When young adults leave our program, they are ready to face the world and pursue their life goals as sober adults.

Transitional Living Program at WinGate Wilderness

WinGate offers a premier Transitional Living program that addresses the unique needs of young adults who are struggling to emerge from their substance abuse and addiction so they can become fully functioning adults. Our program is perfect for those who have successfully gone through traditional recovery programs, yet are not quite ready to face Independent Living.

With around 44% of young adults dealing with depression and the leading cause of death being suicide, it is crucial young people receive the therapy and support they need to overcome any mental health obstacles that stand in their path towards sobriety. Often, it takes a concerted effort to help a troubled young adult go from being embroiled in addiction to rising above it and learning to live independently without leaning on the treacherous vices of the past.

Our Transitional Living Program is based on the philosophies set forth by the Arbinger Institute, which realizes one can Enthusiastic young adult in restoration after wilderness program for struggling young men and womenrarely change by simply trying to change behavior. One must first find what is driving the behavior so true change can occur. In other words, we awaken the individual to find their driving forces towards the negative so they can combat the issues that cause them to make poor decisions.

The measurement of true success in any Transitional Living Program is the people. When young adults graduate from WinGate, they finally understand who they truly are. They transition from a wasted existence of peril to one that is limitless. We fully equip each of our graduates to strive for their goals and make lasting changes that offer them a life filled with exponential possibilities.

Whether hiking, rock climbing, or simply in a quiet place meditating, young adults can heal from the past turmoil of pain and confusion so they can arise to indomitable heights of success. We regularly see our graduates go on to pursue college and successful careers, never succumbing to their addictions again.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a renowned therapeutic transitional living program and Independent Living Skills Program, committed to alliance-based therapy and outdoor education for young adults experiencing alcohol use, eating disorders, and/or behavioral issues. Contact one of our experienced admissions counselors at (800) 560-1599 today!

WinGate Endorsed National Organization for Parents and Troubled Young Adults

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): As part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, SAMHSA is committed to leading the nation in its efforts to advance the behavioral health in your local area, and all over America. Their goal is to reduce the impact substance abuse, and mental illness have on our local communities; by making accurate information, services, and research more accessible. Through their initiatives, they offer treatment and services for for troubled adolescents and young adults experiencing mental illness and alcohol use disorders; as well as assistance to the family members of these struggling teens and young adults. They also have a number of advisory councils and committees that work to advance their goals and to gather advice from members of the local community regarding the needs of those troubled with mental illness and substance abuse disorder.

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