Life Skills Training Program for Young Adults

WinGate Wilderness Therapy - Happy youth in recovery after therapeutic wilderness treatment for troubled young adultsWinGate Wilderness Therapy offers supportive, effective treatment for at-risk young adults, providing valuable Life Skills Training to encourage successful independent living. For many young people, addiction, substance abuse, mental health conditions or behavioral issues can cause them to display a range of inappropriate behaviors. Many live quite chaotic lives due to their problems and have enormous difficulty in sustaining employment, education or helpful relationships. Through adventure therapy, WinGate helps young adults overcome their issues and move forward towards a more positive future.

Part of the package that WinGate provides includes assistance in learning the life skills that are vital to manage in the world once therapy is complete. Young adults will be taught how to handle their money, work as part of a team, organize their time and assess their relationships to enable them to form and sustain beneficial associations. These abilities are essential to enable young adults to enjoy a fulfilling and productive life during and after their recovery.

WinGate: Independent Living Skills Program for Young Adults

The value that a life skills program offers is well-documented; Unicef for example, describes the many benefits that accrue from ensuring young adults learn the social and emotional responses needed to cope in an increasingly challenging world. Our teams of highly qualified and experienced therapists help the young men and women at WinGate gain a wide range of helpful abilities that put them in a strong position to enjoy a stable, sober life. Attributes such as self-awareness, emotional well-being, critical thinking, problem-solving and the ability to nurture supportive relationships are all crucial to enabling young people to overcome their problems and face the future with confidence.

For parents who want their challenged child to benefit from an effective therapeutic environment that heals and promotes inner growth, WinGate can be an excellent answer. Many parents find that their at-risk young adult manages to totally turn their life around thanks to the care they receive through us. Our qualified, empathetic and experienced counselors will be happy to answer any queries and provide all the information needed to decide if WinGate Wilderness Therapy is the right choice. Call us now at (800) 560-1599.

Young Adult Life Skills Training Center

Designed on the principles of the Arbinger Institute, WinGate Wilderness Therapy offers an effective solution to the problems that at-risk young men and women present through the provision of highly effective wilderness therapy. Particularly where conventional therapeutic approaches haven’t achieved the desired result, WinGate can provide a novel way of enabling young people to overcome the substance misuse and addiction issues they are at-risk with. WinGate - Young Adult feeling hopeful with therapeutic benefits of outdoors at wilderness and adventure therapy programUsing the healing power of nature and the outdoor environment assisted by trained and experienced therapists, WinGate offers a therapeutic option that can significantly increase the chances of recovery.

Part of WinGate's success lies not only in working with the issues that their clients face, but also enabling participants to learn strategies and coping techniques to deal with the everyday challenges they will face once their stay at WinGate is complete. Our Life Skills Program equips struggling young adults with the knowledge they need to lead fulfilling, successful lives in the future. Making and keeping the right sort of friends, working effectively as part of a team, organizing and planning are just some of the attributes which WinGate aims to instill in its clients.

WinGate: Therapeutic Transitional Living Program for Young Adults

Rather than a traditional classroom-based approach, our life skills are taught through overcoming the natural challenges which life in the outdoor environment presents. Our therapists specialize in reinforcing life skill learning without making it obvious, providing an accessible and non-threatening treatment model that is ideal for young adults who are resistant to attempts to help them change their behavior. Spending time outdoors has been shown to promote psychological healing and well-being in numerous studies. WinGate uses the natural world to assist young people on their road to sustained recovery.

For parents or other interested individuals who wish to find out more about our facility and the work that we do, our trained team of empathetic advisors is available to help. We can advise on the approaches that might be most effective for a struggling young person, as well as provide discreet and helpful support. To find out more, call us at (800) 560-1599.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy Program Teaches Life Skills

As a leading provider of premium adventure therapy, WinGate Wilderness Therapy offers hope for a brighter future to at-risk young adults and their families. Through a successful combination of modern therapeutic intervention, the healing power of nature and the inclusion of traditional cultural practices, WinGate gives young people the WinGate Wilderness Therapy - Young Adult feeling hopeful with therapeutic wilderness at treatment facilityempowerment they need to turn their lives around and make more positive, beneficial choices. For young adults that are suffering from the effects of addiction, substance misuse or other troubling behaviors, WinGate offers a positive, life-changing opportunity for change.

Therapy at WinGate is based on the premise that everyone has a wealth of talents, skills and strengths that should be celebrated and used as a foundation for future growth. We believe in helping young adults to recognize how strong and extraordinary they are. This knowledge empowers them to begin identifying where their undesirable behavior comes from and puts them in a position of strength to start making more beneficial choices. We don’t impose behaviors on our clients; rather we equip them with the skills and insight they need to come to their conclusions on the most appropriate way to act.

WinGate: Therapeutic Transitional Living Program for Young Adults

Adventure therapy is proven to deliver an effective treatment option that brings lasting results. Spending long periods out of doors in a non-confrontational, supportive environment gives young people suitable space to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. As many of the troublesome and potentially damaging distractions of modern life are left behind, young people are free to concentrate on acquiring a positive mindset and learning the life skills they need to lead a productive, stable life in the future.

Many distressed young adults discover that wilderness therapy offers them a viable option as a place to undertake the positive lifestyle alterations they need to make. WinGate Wilderness Therapy is staffed by a caring, professional team, including highly trained, qualified and experienced counselors. To find out more about the service we provide, why not contact one of our admissions counselors for a supportive and confidential consultation at (800) 560-1599.


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