Therapeutic Services for Troubled Teens from Cambridge, MA

You are not alone. There are many troubled teens who struggle with serious issues in life and need therapeutic services and professional help to recover a stable life in or near Cambridge, MA. At Wingate Wilderness Therapy, we provide services designed to help individuals quit addictions, stay away from dangerous behaviors and overcome a variety of difficult issues. Families of troubled teens can expect a carefull, well thought out plan to help get your teen and family back on track. With many years of experience, we have found that spending a short time in the wilderness with our counselors can be life changing for troubled teens. Please let our experienced counselors help your teen experience the path recovery. To get help or more information about our program, call us today at (800) 560-1599.

What WinGate Offers To Teens From Cambridge, MA

At Wingate Wilderness Therapy, we firmly believe that the help provided by our program is the best option for struggling teens from Cambridge, MA. For many years, we have helped hundreds of teens from Cambridge, MA recover from a variety of different issues. Our experience enables us to provide a program that provides the perfect level of support and guidance to every individual that stays with us. This approach produces a proven track record of success. If you have a teen who has been struggling, please don't let them miss out on getting the help they need. We can provide that help. Bring your troubled teen and family back into a healthy living situation.

Our Therapeutic Services can Provide Help to Parents and Families from Cambridge, MA

As a parent researching therapeutic services, it is critical that you find the program that provides the right treatments to address your teen's need. WinGate Wilderness Therapy can help your teen make the recovery they need. Our short term program can meet your teen's treatment needs through our innovative wilderness therapy. While your teen is living in the wilderness, they will be able to learn valuable skills while also coming to terms with the problems they have been experiencing. Don't let your son or daughter go without the help they need.

Don't Delay Getting the Help Your Son or Daughter Needs

We know the Wingate Wilderness Therapy program works. We have an outstanding record of helping teens make full recoveries from a variety of different issues. We know how to help your teen succeed in the program. Our program also provides the skills and information to help recovery and restoration after your son or daughter returns home.

Don't delay getting help for one more day. Let us help you and your teen get back on the path to success. Start the process today by calling us at (800) 560-1599.

Wilderness Therapy Can Help Teen With Problems From Cambridge, MA

Noted for its high standards of education and learning, Cambridge, MA's motto includes the phrase "Distinguished for Classical Learning..." Home to both Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there is no lack of educational expertise.

Even with the high educational presence, Cambridge, MA is not immune from the serious problems faced by teenagers. Schools report incidents of bullying, depression, anxiety amongst students and other serious behavior problems.

Drug and alcohol addictions also are present, often tied into gang activity as illustrated by an article from a local website, Wicked Local Cambridge. In a post dated Jan. 30, 2016, they wrote, "Two Cambridge men were among 56 alleged MS-13 gang members, leaders and associates taken into custody by law enforcement Friday morning."

Your troubled teen from Cambridge, MA might not be dealing with drug or alcohol addictions but may be seriously affected by other serious problems, either at home or school. If that is the case you might be able to get help from the Cambridge Health Alliance.

Your teenage son or daughter might not need hospitalization but are in extreme need of some form of positive and effective intervention. Wilderness therapy could likely be just what is needed to get your troubled teen from Cambridge, MA back on the track to a positive life.

Check us out at WinGate Wilderness Therapy for the help your son or daughter needs to solve their problems and restore your family to a healthy and productive life. Call us at (800) 560-1599.

We Can Help Teens With Serious Problems from Cambridge, MA

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is not located in Cambridge, MA, but we certainly can help your trouble teen escape from the depression and stress caused by serious problems. You might not have the resources needed to help your struggling teenager, but we can provide the help you are so desperately seeking.

The WinGate Wilderness Therapy program is well-established in the behavorial therapy world. We have an outstanding success rate in restoring teenagers to a productive and rewarding life. WinGate helps teens from Cambridge, MA regain a strong sense of worth and restore the positive relationships with family.

Teenagers dealing with drug or alcohol addiction, emotional problems and behavioral issues can be helped by experiencing the program at WinGate Wilderness Therapy. The impressive testimonials we receive from both parents and participants give evidence of the success we bring. Trouble teens from Cambridge, MA gain a new sense of worth and learn how to make positive and beneficial decisions.

At Wingate Wilderness Therapy we know how hard it is to admit you need help from someone beside yourself. It isn't easy to reach that point. We know, and we can help you through that first step. Once that first action is taken, you will marvel at how rewarding and safe the remaining process is.

Call WinGate Wilderness Therapy right now at (800) 560-1599 to get the help your troubled teen needs. It might be hard to start the process, but the results will help your son or daughter get back on track for living a worthwhile and rewarding life.

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