WinGate Wilderness Therapy is located in Kanab, UT, and currently does not have a facility located in San Mateo, CA. Students from San Mateo, who wish to enroll in our program, will be required to travel and temporarily relocate to Utah.

Boarding Schools for Girls in San Mateo, CA

WinGate Wilderness Therapy - Young adult depressed seeking help from treatment programWinGate Wilderness Therapy is a Therapeutic Treatment Program that focuses on using a nature-centered environment to set the stage for its highly comprehensive and individualized treatment programs — aiding young teen girls in confronting a number of enigmatic issues that include substance abuse, addiction and behavioral issues.

While the parents of troubled adolescent girls will often search for Boarding Schools for Teen Girls in their vicinity, the truth is that it is highly unlikely that one of the top programs will be located in San Mateo, CA; however, despite the fact that WinGate is not a Girls Boarding School, we have an exceptional reputation for providing highly specific and individualized treatment programs for struggling teenage girls who are struggling with issues that include substance abuse, addiction, academic failure and more, and we accept clients from out of state.

Through our unique approach, we offer a more well-rounded treatment program than the Girls Boarding Schools in San Mateo, CA. A wealth of scientific evidence exists that suggests that removing a troubled teen from their normal environment has multitudinous benefits. According to Boarding School Review, being in a setting that pulls the adolescent away from their normal environment will promote an elevated sense of personal responsibility, which is essential to establishing the foundation on which a complete and successful recovery can be achieved.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy provides an exclusive environment that places young at-risk teen girls in a setting that is conducive to a full recovery. There is overwhelming evidence that adventure therapy is a highly effective treatment modality for a number of the complex issues that troubled teen girls face.

Our consultants are on hand to offer parents of struggling adolescent girls the assistance they need to choose the program that will be most effective for their teen. Call (800) 560-1599 today.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in San Mateo, CA

Teenage girls have emotions that run high during their adolescent years, and many San Mateo, CA area teens end up struggling with substance abuse, depression, and anger issues. When this occurs, parents of these struggling adolescents often seek out therapeutic boarding schools for girls in order to help them re-build themselves and facilitate a successful recovery.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy - Teen enjoying therapeutic healing of wilderness at treatment programHowever, not all experts agree that single-sex education and therapeutic services offer much of an advantage over their co-ed counterparts – and in cases where significant behavioral change is needed, it’s co-ed Wilderness Therapy Programs like that of WinGate Wilderness that provide more effective results.

There is an abundance of evidence that separating the sexes may actually hinder a teenager’s ability to achieve both social and personal growth and, by default, reinforce gender stereotypes which can cause self-confidence and self-esteem issues in teen girls already struggling through recovery. In fact, according to an Arizona State University study, adolescents who were not exposed to the opposite sex and who did not learn from or about each other harbored more stereotypical gender views.

If this is truly the case, and struggling teens are not taught how to manage themselves amongst both sexes during their therapeutic process, how can they then be expected to be successful when re-entering the real world?

At Wingate, we recognize the significant benefits which co-ed therapeutic boarding schools offer. However, while we consider diversity to be an important part of the therapeutic process, we approach recovery and treatment in a more unique way than traditional co-ed boarding schools: we use nature as a primary catalyst for change.

As an affiliated member of National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, our direction is entirely focused on achieving lasting results, and WinGate believes that distractions which get in the way of the recovery process aren’t necessarily from gender. Instead, they come from lack of focus. WinGate provides the optimal environment for focus through their wilderness therapy programs, and as a result, they are able to achieve meaningful, long-lasting change.

It is imperative that all teenage girls from San Mateo, CA receive the treatment they need before irreparable, long-term damage is caused – but segregation of the sexes may do more harm than good.

Wilderness Therapy for San Mateo, CA Adolescents

Although parents may search for girls boarding schools when attempting to find the right facility for their at-risk daughters, finding a treatment program which provides the most effective care for teens from San Mateo, CA, frequently proves to be a more difficult than expected. Most parents gravitate first toward more traditional options; however, it’s important to keep in mind that they don’t always provide the type of therapy which some teenage girls really need.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy - Peaceful youth in recovery after wilderness therapy for young adultsWingate’s wilderness therapy and adventure therapy programs provide a distinctive treatment opportunity which features an extremely high success rates in adolescents suffering from addiction and various behavioral disorders, and it is fast becoming the preferred alternative when it comes fast long-lasting recovery.

Wilderness therapy programs take struggling teens from the San Mateo, CA area, and places them in outdoor environments where the cooperation between peers and the natural challenges which nature provides encourages organic change in a troubled teen’s behavior. Unlike therapeutic boarding schools, WinGate’s wilderness therapy programs get down to basics in their behavioral modification approach.

Through assigned tasks and group therapeutic exercises, an environment of positive and negative consequences – and their respective rewards – is created. WinGate believes that confrontation and change initiated through force results in impermanence, while inspiring change through cooperation imparts deep, relevant change.

When considering where to send their daughters, parents can’t help but be attracted boarding schools which have a shiny, happy appearance on the outside. They may promoting respect and offer an incentive for good behavior through a number of perks and benefits for those attending, however, much of this is more of an appeasement to parents of struggling teen girls from San Mateo, CA who perhaps feel a little guilty about sending their daughters away.

At WinGate, San Mateo, CA troubled adolescent girls who are in need of treatment for substance abuse, anger issues, or behavioral and mental health issues get more focused and directed care. By eliminating the distractions, struggling teens learn to find peace and a change of heart through WinGate’s Strengths Based/Natural Consequences model.

We believe that permanent change comes from personal growth, not fabricated perks and rewards, and for parents who are looking to heal their teen daughters through permanent change WinGate should be the first choice.

Call (800) 560-1599 now, and see how WinGate Wilderness Therapy can help heal and provide lasting results.

National Mental Health Resources for Parents and Teens

National Council for Behavioral Health: Excellence in Mental Health Act - The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, recently released a Request for Applications for Planning Grants for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics. It is particularly useful for community-based behavioral healthcare organizations that plan to deliver extensive, multidisciplinary, person-centered, assessment, evidence-based screening, diagnostics, prevention, treatment, and wellness services; including 24/7 peer support and crisis response services.

If your child is being prescribed medication, make sure they describe their medical problem to their healthcare professional. They should always inform their prescriber about any other prescriptions, OTC medicines, and dietary or herbal supplements they are taking, before they get any other medications. Also, unused or expired ones should be thrown away.

Many young people and college students are unaware of the difference between alcohol abuse and dependence. Abuse is a relatively common, characterized by excessive use. There is often a desire to bond with peers that leads to abusing it. But, it can lead to significant consequences including hangovers, accidents, arrests and other aberrant behavior.