WinGate Wilderness Therapy is located in Kanab, UT, and currently does not have a facility located in Minnesota. Students from Minnesota, who wish to enroll in our program, will be required to travel and temporarily relocate to Utah.

Programs for troubled teens Minnesota

Programs for Troubled Teens from Minnesota

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is one of the nation's top programs for troubled teens from Minnesota, offering them treatment and recovery with long-term results. By incorporating the philosophy of the Arbinger Institute, WinGate embraces a unique approach wherein every teenage wilderness student of ours is treated with respect and empathy and focus is placed not so much on their past mistakes, but upon moving past them and on living a healthy, prosperous life.

While numerous "get tough" programs are often suggested for emotionally challenged adolescents in Minnesota, such as military style boot camp or "scared straight" programs, leading research has shown that these programs actually serve to increase recidivism rates and boost the odds of offending by 60%-70%. However, different results can be found through WinGate Wilderness Therapy.

Although WinGate may be located outside of Minnesota, enrollment is open to troubled teen boys or girls from across the country, allowing them to take advantage of real and lasting restoration and to enter adulthood confident and ready for what life throws at them.

Troubled Teen Programs That Work

Troubled teenage boys and girls in Minnesota have a high chance of their behavior escalating and of finding themselves caught up in the legal justice system, which is taking a less favorable look at adolescents and frequently trying them as adults. Preventative measures are always the best route, and at WinGate, your child will find themselves in a situation where, supported by their peers and the licensed professional staff, they will address their problems and behaviors and truly want to work through them.

Programs for troubled teens Minnesota

With 1.2 million teen boys or girls ending up in the juvenile courts system every year, at-risk teenage boys and girls from Minnesota face tough odds. Society, in general, is becoming more frustrated with this growing problem and, as a result, is favoring harsher punishments. Roughly 160,000 troubled adolescents are referred to residential treatment facilities every year. This includes such facilities as detention centers, group homes, long-term residential rehab centers, and correctional institutions.

However, research shows that these facilities, along with punishment based treatment programs, only serve to exasperate the problem, leading to depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, and increased rates of recidivism in emotionally challenged teen boys or girls. But there is hope.

Our supportive environment that encourages self-directed restoration in at-risk teenage boys and girls is what brings about lasting change and reduces recidivism rates. Knowledgeable family consultants are available to answer any questions about WinGate Wilderness Therapy, how their wilderness outdoor therapy camp differs from other rehab treatment centers for our adolescent wilderness participants, and the scientific evidence that shows the higher success rate with accredited outdoor therapy programs. Call (800) 560-1599 today!

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs For Teens

Substance abuse treatment programs

Where this same research is showing the types of programs and treatment for restoration that do not work for troubled adolescents in Minnesota, this research is also showing what does work. Programs founded upon empathy, that embrace teen boys or girls and are sympathetic to the very real pain that lays at the heart of their problems, be it drug abuse (prescription/otc) or process addiction (gaming), anger problems, sexual promiscuity, or gender confusion. This helps to create a sense of security that allows teenage boys and girls to feel safe enough to explore their problems, to look for the cause of them, and to choose to work toward recovery. As a member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, WinGate Wilderness Therapy is dedicated to the improvement of our nation's youth, and to offering the highest quality of recovery and treatment care for emotionally challenged adolescents from Minnesota.

By treating our teenage wilderness students with dignity and respect in a distraction-free environment, adolescent wilderness participants are encouraged to address their problems at their pace. Qualified mental health counselors are available at all times to deliver help, constructive praise, and to support their commitment to restoration.

Wilderness treatment programs for Troubled Teens

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a premier wilderness treatment program, who provides a unique approach to treatment and recovery for at-risk teen boys or girls from Minnesota where focus is placed upon the future of the teenage participant rather than on their mistakes. This helps to reinforce in the mind of a troubled adolescent that they do indeed have a future and that one mistake does not ruin their life.

Too often, teenage boys and girls believe that once they find themselves entrenched in their problems there is no escape. They lose hope and faith in themselves, and that sense of hopelessness and despair is only strengthened by punishment based treatment that focuses on their mistakes.

Camps for Troubled Teens from Minnesota

Wilderness programs for teens Minnesota

There is an inherent healing quality of being in the wilderness, with natural consequences being taught through every choice and action but in a manner that is empowering, rather than disheartening. Without the distraction of computers, tv, friends who often encourage the perpetuation of problems, cellphones, and video games, emotionally challenged adolescents from Minnesota are able to think clearly and honestly about what they're experiencing and why they are behaving the way they do.

The result is strengthened confidence and belief in their abilities, the creation of hope, and the knowledge that they can have a happy and successful life despite what they have been going through. Yet, at the same time, the wilderness has a humbling effect on our teenage wilderness students, which encourages them to see their problems objectively and to see how their actions effect and hurt the people closest to them. This objectivity helps at-risk teen boys or girls to see themselves as a part of the greater world and to see their place in the world, too.

Throughout the WinGate Wilderness Therapy program, the adolescent wilderness participants have access to trained and licensed field therapists in an environment that supports their restoration, and encourages them to actively participate in their treatment. Family consultants are available to further explain the benefits and advantages this accredited outdoor therapy program delivers troubled teenage boys and girls from Minnesota, and to coach parents through the admission process for their son or daughter. Call (800) 560-1599 to get started.

Help for Parents

Cutting: If your young person is cutting, how did it start? Cutting often begins on an impulse. It’s not something the person thinks about ahead of time. It starts when something’s really upsetting and they don’t know how to talk about it or what to do. But they can’t get their mind off feeling upset, and their body has this knot of emotional pain. Then, they cut themselves to release the pain.

Why Are Teens Using?: When coping with your young person’s drug and alcohol addiction, acceptance is a great tool. By accepting that your child is in the throes of the disease of addiction and there is no other way out than through, you can find your way. Life is what it is, filled with joy, skepticism, times of great hope, and also dark times filled with deep sorrow. Learn to embrace the process that you have been thrust into.

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