The WinGate Wilderness Therapy facilities are located in Kanab, UT. Students who wish to enroll in our program, who live outside of Utah, will be required to travel and temporarily relocate there.

Residential Treatment Centers for Teens

WinGate Wilderness Therapy: troubled adolescent from looking for guidance from therapeutic outdoor program for troubled youthWingate is a premier Treatment Center for struggling teens who may be experiencing addiction, depression, academic failure, sexual promiscuity, or multiple issues relating to poor mental health. Here at WinGate, troubled adolescents from all over the country are learning the life skills required for sobriety and independence at our nationally-recognized Wilderness Therapy Program.

Residential Treatment Centers for troubled teenagers offer long-term therapeutic counseling and treatment for those that may need more intensive healing and recovery. At Wingate, we offer a more affordable and productive type of therapy for teenagers. What makes wilderness therapy so unique for adolescents is the opportunities for constant observation and intervention.

Based on the philosophies of the Arbinger Institute, WinGate provides life skills training and substance abuse recovery for troubled teens. Wingate is also an affiliate member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs. And for this reason, parents and teens can feel comfortable that our program and treatment techniques provide the highest quality services to the people and families we serve.

For more information about how we can help your struggling teen, call WinGate Wilderness Therapy today at (844) 413-2722.

Addiction Treatment Centers

Wingate Wilderness also works with Residential Treatment Centers all over the country. Our established network of treatment centers work together, in an effort to a) refer our students out and b) receive student referrals for aftercare treatment; once they have graduated and have obtained a clear objective found in the initial therapeutic isolation.

Because of our therapeutic wilderness atmosphere, our students are free from the typical distractions and disturbances that they might experience elsewhere. Our students in wilderness treatment have a greater capacity for focus and attention to the process of healing. Participants not only grow closer to each other, but they also develop stronger relationships with the counselors and therapists.

Here at Wingate, we have a unique program designed to help teens who may be struggling with substance abuse or who are acting out in a negative and destructive manner. Our nurturing, yet challenging environment, not only allows the student to grow and gain a more adult perspective, but also enables them to achieve an increased level of maturity while addressing their particular behavioral obstacles.

Wilderness Therapy Programs

In essence, our hope is to create a "heart of peace," which replaces the "heart of war." Collectively, our therapists have over 80 years combined experience in wilderness therapy programs. We know how to help your child find a new direction and purpose in life. We believe that the utilization of nature's atmosphere, the ultimate healing environment, WinGate: adolescents in going through change at wilderness camp program for troubled youthwill best help teens and young adults alike appreciate how much parents do for them. Among other things, we teach independent living skills, which will lead them to a healthy, balanced life.

Over the years, Wingate Wilderness Therapy has helped literally thousands of boys and girls achieve success. We have an excellent track record of helping troubled teens grow to be mentally healthy adults. Essentially, our approach combines the life-changing elements of the wilderness experience with the best-proven therapeutic practices available.

We know that Wingate is a better solution because of our years of dedicated service. We have helped thousands of teens get back on the right track and avoid a relapse into old habits. For more information contact us at (844) 413-2722.

Other Mental Health Resources for Parents

Mental Health America (MHA) – The purpose of this organization is to work for the mental health, wellness and victory over substance use and mental conditions through developing a coordinated citizens’ voluntary movement. They advocate for the improved treatment and care of people with addiction and mental conditions, and also advocate for improved methods in prevention, research, diagnosis, detection and treatment of substance use and mental conditions.

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