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Summer Camps For Troubled Teens

As of late, has your troubled teen struggled with substance abuse, uncharacteristically violent, or rebellious behavior?

If so, like most parents, you've probably considered various treatment options that advertise an unprecedented ability to therapeutically treat your child in the long-term. However parents should be dubious of claims such as these as most programs, like that of summer camps, for instance, simply are not properly designed to make any sizable, long-lasting change in the lives of troubled teens, whatsoever.

Summer Camps for Troubled Teens

It is common for parents in this type of situation to consider employing the services of so-called "summer camps" for their troubled son or daughter.

However, and as anyone reading this page is about to learn, summer camps for troubled teens, and other treatment options like it, are rarely as they seem advertised all over their curated website, nor are they typically considered as being close to the realm of most viable treatment options for troubled teens. In the following parent, state, and city pages, we will further discuss these topics and more.

In Need of IMMEDIATE Assistance? NO PROBLEM!
Our Top-Tier Wilderness Therapy is Scientifically Proven to be Among Your Most Pragmatic of Choices

If you are a concerned parent looking for a cutting edge treatment for your out-of-control son or daughter, why not select the most scientifically-backed and accredited treatment option at your disposal? Otherwise known as Wilderness Therapy.

In the following article, we will inform worried and desperate parents that they are far from alone in their struggle as we have (just in our own, personal experience of treating troubled youth) helped countless teens regain and restore their once promising lives, as well as working with parents and child alike strive towards a common goal: to effectively heal their familial strife by rebuilding the bonds of their untapped, and unwavering love for one another.

At the end of the day, and as a program for troubled teens, it is our life's mission to make it known that, here at WinGate, we strive for nothing short of providing round' the clock assistance to parents who require our support and decades' worth of expertise in saving the lives of their son or daughter.

In doing so, we hope to prove to any prospective parent that, as perilous though it may seem now, full behavioral, emotional, and even academic restoration is just a phone call and plane ticket away!

Why Parents Choose Wilderness Therapy Over Summer Camps

1 - More focus on therapy - At Wingate Wilderness Therapy, our program puts a great deal of emphasis on therapy. We offer a number of different therapeutic options to ensure that every teen we treat gets the right support and guidance. This type of help is one of the most important factors in determining if a teen will recover from the problems they have been experiencing.

2 - Lack of distractions - Summer camps are often fraught with distractions that stop a teen from focusing all their energy on improvement. During wilderness therapy, your teen will be able to focus completely on making the changes they need. This can really improve the entire recovery process in addition to making it more efficient.

3 - Positive peer support - Because your teen will be part of a small group of teens living in the wilderness, they will have the opportunity to form deep bonds with their peers. As they form these relationships, the support and encouragement of their peers will be a major part of guiding them towards better choices and a full recovery.

Wingate Wilderness Therapy Can Make A Difference In Your Teen's Life

Wilderness therapy offers a number of different advantages to treatment that you can't find anywhere else. For instance, our program offers a distraction-free environment, personable opportunities to intimately get to know the staff, and the chance to form a strong peer support group run entirely by the teen campers themselves.

All of these factors work together to ensure that teens who go through wilderness therapy have the best opportunity imaginable when it come to changing their lives and growing as people.

Contrariwise, other, more traditional, programs fail because they neglect to offer the opportunity to make these fundamental personality adjustments. A big part of this process is building new and valuable character traits. While your teen is going through our program, they will be guided towards developing a strong sense of personal responsibility, self-reliance, and discipline. All of these will work together to change the way your teen approaches their life.

But perhaps even more pertinent is our one of a kind curriculum of non-consequencing and non-leveling approach to treatment. Unlike the vast majority of other programs, our therapy naturally provides teens with an opportunity to lead and take care of, not only themselves but the lives of their peers as well.

Furthermore, it is through this receiving of power and trust that connects with a troubled teen, who more than likely, is accustomed to privileges, trust, and any power over their situation being stripped away by past authority figures.

In other words, for the first time in their short lives, they are trusted with regulating their own decisions, consequences, and overall treatment's rate of success.

What's more, teens - when given the opportunity to govern themselves (along with the professional guidance of our world-class wilderness staff, of course) - will almost assuredly build self-confidence and self-worth through their journey.

With every obstacle they face while living in the therapeutically healing environment of the wilderness, teens are designed to organically learn to value themselves, as well as their ability to learn from their mistakes and make pragmatic and fruitful choices entirely on their own.

With this new sense of self-worth and confidence, teens are therefore much more capable and likely to carry these attributes with them, long after graduating, than they would have had they been sent to a vastly more restrictive, traditionally-styled program.

Contact Wingate Wilderness Therapy Today For Help

If you are ready to bring about a lasting change in your teen's life, then don't turn to a summer camp. Instead, contact us as Wingate Wilderness Therapy. We know exactly how to help teens recover from issues like substance abuse, anger, violence, poor school performance, and many others. We have a proven record of changing teens life and we know that your teen will have the same results. You can reach us today for help at (844) 413-2722.

Why WinGate Wilderness?

Here at WinGate, we've created a Strengths-Based/Natural Consequence Model that empowers teenagers in constructive ways. This particular brand of treatment also helps them look beyond their negative behaviors which have prevented the troubled teen to fully realize their true potential.

While immersed in the natural, albeit challenging wild, our troubled teens organically - even unbeknownst to themselves - learn invaluable life skills, such as how to use teamwork and cooperation in order to achieve similar goals as their peers.

Essentially, positively-charged natural consequences serve as cyclical rewards for engaging in equally-positive actions - by repeating this day after day in the wilderness, teenagers are primed and motivated to internally act in thoughtful and constructive ways.

Why not Other Programs?

Quite frankly, (and as research has proven for us over three decades, now) other types of programs often establish a set of strict rules, demand adherence to said rules, and then impose a 'stick and carrot-like' policy conducted by negative and positive consequencing (think Pavlovian dogs). In Fact, in many of these types of programs, a teen's failure to comply with their authority watchdogs would be nothing more than an annoyance; a problematic situation for which the teen in question is simply counting down the many months they have left before they are able to return home.

One of the many reasons why this style of treatment is not practical is that it almost encourages teens to "fake" progress and
"work the system" rather than it does motivate them to actually change in a meaningfully significant way.

Are you the parent of a troubled teenage boy or girl whose out-of-control behaviors are beginning to threaten their very potential? Well, fear not friends, WinGate Wilderness Therapy is here to help! Unlike other treatment options, our program is specifically designed to provide experiences that help students motivate themselves rather than trying to force compliance and adherence to a set of rules. For over three decades our always engaging and professional staff can attest to the fact that: when students experience direct and natural consequences for their choices—either positive or negative—they begin to act accordingly!

Don't hesitate, call us toll-free today at (844) 413-2722.

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