WinGate Wilderness Therapy is located in Kanab, UT, and currently does not have a facility located in Tennessee. Students from Tennessee, who wish to enroll in our program, will be required to travel and temporarily relocate to Utah.

Wilderness Therapy Camp Tennessee

Wilderness Therapy Camp Tennessee

WinGate Wilderness Therapy camp for teens is the premier wilderness therapy program for helping struggling teenagers from Tennessee heal from past trauma, while helping them develop the skills and traits necessary to succeed in their lives moving forward. Teens from Tennessee find the professional support they need at WinGate through clinical field staff and clinicians, as well as social and peer support from a group composed of other at-risk adolescents in similar situations.

WinGate offers an unparalleled experience and opportunity for troubled teens through therapeutic intervention, assessment, and treatment. WinGate's wilderness therapy camp for teenagers from Tennessee provides a safe space in which our teenage wilderness clients can discover who they really are while healing past traumas, and creating new possibilities as they connect with their highest potential.

Through individualized treatment plans, and specialized therapeutic approaches, such as Family treatment and Brainspotting therapy, adolescents experience the care and support needed to find optimal success and joy in their lives.

A Proven Therapeutic Model

WinGate's wilderness therapy camp for teens has offered a proven therapeutic model and outdoor wilderness program for over 13 years. Tennessee teenagers enrolling at WinGate have a unique opportunity to grow and heal while guided by caring staff, supportive peer groups, and industry leading practitioners.

Here at WinGate, our adolescent wilderness students are challenged by daily hiking, primitive hard skills development, backpacking, shelter building, and outdoor living. As they become proficient in these challenging activities they build a sense of confidence and community. They learn to overcome hardship and find pride and satisfaction in their hard work and extraordinary efforts. As they begin to see changes in little things, they will learn how to apply that same tenacity and determination in all aspects of their life and therapeutic journey.

Where Can I Send My Out of Control Teenager?

Where can I send my out of control teenager Tennessee

Confronting an out of control teenager is a daunting task. At WinGate, our wilderness therapy camp for adolescents from Tennessee provides a supportive structure and routine in which out of control teens can learn useful and healthy coping skills to better communicate their needs and desires.

Our highly trained field instructors have years of experience in listening to, supporting, and reaching struggling teenagers exhibiting out of control behaviors, caused by things such as under-achievement, behavioral issues or substance abuse (including marijuana).

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a safe and supportive environment where your out of control teen can receive the help they need, and experience moments of success and growth. Unique from other treatment models and modalities, WinGate offers an experience in the wilderness where the day-to-day challenges are always changing, allowing out of control adolescents the opportunity to gain control, and creatively find direction in their lives.

Wilderness Camp for Teens from Tennessee

Wilderness Camp for Teens from Tennessee

The teenage students at WinGate Wilderness Therapy camp experience a safe environment shaped by structure and routine. Our teenage wilderness clients learn how to manage their time and efforts in order to focus on the activities and behaviors that best help them achieve their highest potential. WinGate's wilderness camp for teens supports students through peer mentorship and individualized treatment plans developed by the adolescent wilderness student's clinician.

WinGate's wilderness camp for teens from Tennessee ensures that each of our teenage students are cared for emotionally, physically and therapeutically. Here, teenage wilderness clients experience the highest level of care with the optimal opportunity for growth at WinGate. Each adolescent wilderness student from Tennessee is ensured a unique and individualized experience filled with opportunities for growth, development, and healing.

Years of Experience in the Treatment Industry

Wilderness therapy camp Tennessee

If you are experiencing challenges with your at-risk teenager child, call WinGate today. Our compassionate and caring admissions counselor has years of experience in the treatment industry, and understands the challenges and needs of families looking for help. WinGate's family specialist will be able to align your adolescent with a practitioner who will best connect with, and address your child's needs.

At WinGate Wilderness Therapy camp we do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach, rather we pride ourselves on seeing each family, and each teenage student as an individual with unique and personalized needs that require a specialized approach and specific support. At WinGate our primary goal is the emotional safety and physical wellbeing of your child as we challenge and guide them along their therapeutic journey to healing and growth.

Don't delay, call our admissions counselors at WinGate today, to get your child on the path to healing, recovery, and growth!

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