WinGate Wilderness Therapy is located in Kanab, UT, and currently does not have a facility located in Gulfport, MS. Students from Gulfport, who wish to enroll in our program, will be required to travel and temporarily relocate to Utah.

Wilderness therapy programs Gulfport, MS

Wilderness Therapy Gulfport, MS

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a nationally recognized provider of wilderness therapy programs aimed at helping adolescents from Gulfport, MS, who struggle with sex addiction (pornography), academic failure, and other behavioral health issues. Through the use of adventure therapy, emotionally challenged teen boys and girls learn to free themselves from the destructive confines of substance abuse, while also experiencing the kind of therapeutic intervention which helps them to both change their negative behaviors, and learn the life skills necessary for a sustained recovery.

As one of the top wilderness treatment centers in the nation, WinGate may not necessarily be located close to Gulfport, MS area; however, it is widely recognized that at-risk teenage boys or girls often do better in their treatment programs when they are separated from the negative influences present in familiar environments. Due to this, WinGate highly recommends that parents send their troubled adolescent boys and girls away from the Gulfport, MS area for their treatment, and they accept emotionally challenged teen boys and girls from all areas of the country.

When searching for the most appropriate inpatient treatment program to help their at-risk teenage boys or girls, concerned parents don’t necessarily seek out adventure therapy as a first-choice solution. However, studies have repeatedly shown that highly regarded wilderness therapy programs can achieve successful results when other programs have failed. According to psychology and counseling research, there are certain factors – known as treatment effect multipliers – which can enhance the effectiveness of conventional therapy.

Although they may be present in many forms, when it comes the outdoors, there are certain attributes of the wilderness setting which naturally provides these treatment effect multipliers. As a result, this creates change in troubled teenagers from Gulfport, MS more rapidly, and offers longer-lasting results than conventional treatments.

Wilderness Treatment Program

Wilderness therapy Gulfport, MS

While at our wilderness treatment program, the natural environment of the outdoors enables emotionally challenged adolescent boys and girls to have a greater propensity for focus and attention, and WinGate takes full advantage of this. Using a blend of Life-coaching and Family treatment, WinGate promotes changing the “heart” of at-risk teen boys and girls through cooperation, rather than confrontation.

This philosophy allows teenage boys or girls be the propagators of their own recovery, and assists troubled adolescent boys and girls in building their internal strength, learning self-efficacy, growing their self-confidence and self-esteem, and developing important life skills that are necessary for lasting recovery.

For any Gulfport, MS area parent who is desperately seeking the right kind of treatment and recovery program for their emotionally challenged adolescent, WinGate Wilderness Therapy has the solution. Our family specialists are available now to assist parents with discovering the right treatment program for their at-risk teen, so call (800) 560-1599 today!

Wilderness Therapy Programs for Teens

When it becomes evident that professional assistance is in order for troubled teen boys and girls from Gulfport, MS, parents frequently search for recovery programs or wilderness therapy programs for teens that will not only address the complicated issues of substance abuse and addiction, but any co-occurring disorders as well. These may include family conflict, gender confusion, drug addiction, drug abuse (prescription/otc), or various forms of sexual promiscuity or anger problems.

Yet, while wilderness therapy is known to address these effectively, not all outdoor therapy camps for teens provide the balance that WinGate does, while promoting across-the-board balance is one of the components of treatment which many outdoor therapy camps fail to address.

Wilderness therapy programs for teens from Gulfport, MS

At WinGate Wilderness Therapy, we believe that in order to achieve comprehensive success in recovery, there must be a trio of healing: one that addresses the recovery of the body and mind, a “heart change” that facilitates long-term behavior modification, and the development of life skills to assist the on-going challenges which most teenage boys or girls face when they return home. Additionally, no two teens have the exact same hurdles to overcome, and WinGate prides themselves on their ability to determine the most appropriate form of therapeutic treatment for each individual.

As an affiliated member of National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, WinGate’s reputation and history of success are second to none. Through our strengths-based/natural consequences model, our teenager participants are able to learn the differences between positive and negative consequences, and can find the motivation within to reward themselves by acting in constructive ways.

Even those with ADD/ADHD find it easier to focus through wilderness therapy, and any difficulties which might ordinarily hinder treatment in traditional facilities are significantly minimized through the combination of established therapeutic practices and nature’s wilderness environment. Wilderness therapy programs for teens get better results, faster – and parents of at-risk adolescent boys and girls from Gulfport, MS should seriously consider WinGate as a remediation option.

Wilderness Rehab for Adolescents

Wilderness rehab for teen boys and girls from Gulfport, MS who are troubled with substance abuse and addiction helps to obtain a far longer-lasting recovery than with traditional treatment models. This is, in part, due to the immersion in nature, where the wilderness environment promotes the establishment of closer, stronger relationships with the professional staff and their peers.

Additionally, in wilderness rehab camps like those at WinGate Wilderness Therapy, results are further bolstered through their use of the Arbinger principles of “The Choice,” which allows for emotionally challenged teenage boys or girls to remediation holistically and internally on their own, rather than be distracted by a structured levels systems of recovery.

Accredited wilderness therapy program - WinGate Wilderness Therapy

At-risk adolescents who arrive at wilderness rehab at WinGate can expect to find staff who encourage them to identify the parts of their lives that are causing them difficulty, and make the changes within to make their lives better. This is first accomplished by relationship-building and trust-building exercises, and is implemented through individual and group task accomplishment. It is also achieved through a strict consequences model, where negative actions bring punishment through adverse effects, and positive actions result in positive consequences.

Once relationships are formed, and adolescent boys and girls begin to see others as people instead of vehicles of manipulation, they naturally begin to make changes on their own, rather than just learn how to “act” the way they are expected. Adolescents participating in wilderness rehab find a sense of self-confidence and self-efficacy as the primitive master skills like fire and shelter building, but they also gain internal strength by completing more difficult tasks that they never realized they could.

Adolescents from Gulfport, MS, who have trouble with addiction are also introduced to the principles of the 12 steps of AA, and coupled with their new-found approach to life, wilderness rehab can deliver a stable path for remediation. Parents of teen boys and girls who are troubled with addiction or any type of behavioral problem in the Gulfport, MS area should consider wilderness therapy as a means of helping their child create permanent change.

Our admissions counselors at WinGate Wilderness Therapy are available now to assist parents of at-risk teenage boys or girls into the most appropriate wilderness outdoor program. Call (800) 560-1599 today!

Counseling in Gulfport, MS for Parents and At-risk Youth

Families from Gulfport, MS have made WinGate Wilderness Therapy their first choice for child recovery and guidance. Parents, investigating assistance for their child, can expect a team of compassionate, expert mental health counselors and leaders here at WinGate. WinGate operates from the understanding that "recovery" must come from the inside-out, not from the outside-in. Through our Talk therapy and Life-coaching, we are devoted to providing assistance to not only teen boys and girls and young adults wrestling with drug abuse (prescription/otc), family conflict, or anger problems, but also the entire family; with the guidance they need for lasting recovery.

WinGate’s mental health counselors and field staff discourage judgments and labels, and never allow a diagnosis to interfere with what emotionally challenged teenagers or young adults have in common with each other - their humanity. We have provided guidance to numerous families from all over the nation, including those from Gulfport, MS; Through Family treatment rehabilitation and Talk therapy, our experienced counselors deliver choice treatment for teenage boys or girls and young adults wrestling with drug abuse (prescription/otc), gender confusion, or anger problems.

WinGate has served numerous emotionally challenged adolescent wilderness students from Gulfport, MS, and from all over the US; and through our top-notch wilderness outdoor program, we can deliver a Life-coaching, Family treatment rehabilitation, and Talk therapy for your child too. Don’t hesitate to contact WinGate’s admissions counselors for more information regarding enrollment, tuition, and insurance options. For testimonials from current and past WinGate families, connect with our admissions counselor at (800) 560-1599 today!