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Life Changing Outdoor Adventure for Children with Aspergers

WinGate Image Track BIs your Aspy Child often viewed as Rude, Abrasive, or Disrespectful when they are just being themselves?  It is necessary for children with Aspergers to develop the skills to have positive social interactions.

For young people with Aspergers making sense of the world can be particularly challenging. Understanding new social situations is especially stressful, which can leave kids feeling hopelessly out of place.

Teens with Aspergers don't have to face that challenge alone. At Wingate Wilderness Therapy, we believe in the transformational power of the great outdoors. The growth that a wilderness program for Aspergers young adults can offer is life changing. Under the guidance of certified therapists and expert field staff, we'll use the wilderness to help create lasting changes and memories.

Creating Moments to Create Change

This isn't a harsh experience loaded with punishment. Instead, this is a chance for students to find themselves, to reflect, to understand who they are and who they want to be. We'll backpack, climb, and hike and take these moments to work on communication, problem-solving, and leadership.

Wingate's caring, dedicated professional staff provides the structure and support to turn high adventure in the outdoors into life-changing therapeutic experiences. Our staff members recognize that all of our campers are unique individuals, each with their own strengths, difficulties, and viewpoints.

For our Aspergers young adults, there is great support and comfort in bringing other campers together as a team, united by our differences and by our common experiences. Our absolute respect for every camper and every family set WinGate wilderness therapy program apart.

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What if My Child Does Not Want to Go?

So does our unique approach work with highly resistant teens and young adults? Many other programs manipulate their students using a system of rewards and punishments.

At Wingate, we feel these approaches ignore the innate human dignity of young people, who can see right through what's happening. More importantly, we know that real change comes from within. That's why our staff takes an alliance-based approach, creating a powerful therapeutic rapport with our teenage clients.

Knowing they have the support and guidance of our staff, Wingate students learn to see themselves more clearly, assume accountability for their actions and take charge of their own lives.

Our Passion Brings Results

Why are our staff members so passionate and dedicated? Their biggest reward is the joy and confidence on each teen's face at the end of their stay. As students find their place and contribute to a team, their self-image improves. Reserved, social awkward and shy teens grow into brave, socially aware young men and women with a strong sense of their own value.

For teens with Aspergers, that makes time at Wingate more than just memorable. The positive growth and new confidence students will discover here are beyond valuable. Wingate's wilderness therapy programs teach the communication and problem-solving skills that all children must learn to live happily and independently as adults.

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Call 1-800-560-1599 or email us now to confidentially discuss
your situation with an experienced treatment professional and
to see if Wingate is right for your family.

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