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Parent Expectations

Student Arrival

At WinGate, we recognize that the admissions process can be a daunting and difficult time for parents. With this in mind, WinGate makes every effort to be flexible and accommodating in the planning and completion of the arrival of each student. Setting the right expectations and working within some simple guidelines will help parents and students have the best possible experience at the beginning of the journey.

In planning your student’s arrival to WinGate, please keep the following guidelines in mind.

Days of the Week and Time of Arrival

Admission to WinGate can happen any day of the week, but variations are required in the planning based on day and time of arrival. Please speak to our Admissions Director regarding the specific details of arrival.

Arrival Day Activities

The schedule on the day of admission consists of obtaining a short sports physical (including blood work), getting outfitted at the WinGate offices, and taking inventory of all items brought with the student, and preparing them to meet with the group. WinGate will ensure that the student gets lunch / dinner throughout the process, and will make every effort to help the student feel comfortable throughout the day.

When the student arrives at WinGate, the admissions counselor working with the family will be updated on the student’s current mood and emotional well being. Parents can then expect a phone call with a general update on how their child is doing. In addition to this general update, the admissions counselor will inform the parent on when they can expect to hear from the therapist that has been assigned to work with the family.

Therapists make every effort to contact the family within 24 hours of the child’s arrival.

Financial Assistance

WinGate recognizes there are many challenges in placing your child, including the financial requirements in sending your child to the right program. To help you with this burden, WinGate is pleased to offer parents assistance with the loan process. Teaming up with Clark Behavioral Health Financing (, WinGate gives parents the resources necessary, with immediate access to multiple loan options, in the most effective way.

  • Pre-approval often within 24-48 hours
  • One point-of-contact to find the best loan for your student
  • Loans may cover travel expenses and other ancillary expenses
  • Reasonable interest rates
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • No prepayment or cancellation fees

Apply with Clark today online or call a Clark Behavioral Health Services loan specialist today at 888-755-3080.

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