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Support for Wingate Families

Willow Wingate WildernessWillows are known for their abundant watery bark sap, which is heavily charged with pliant tough wood, slender branches and large fibrous roots. The roots are remarkable for their toughness, size, and tenacity to life, and roots readily grow from aerial parts of the plant. We chose the WILLOW as a symbol of the family. The Family is the root of our society; with its life sustaining energy it gives meaning and purpose to life. Our family roots give us strength and courage to find new ways of making healthy connections. Our family roots give us direction as we journey through life. Our family can bring us challenges for which we can find answers and resolutions.We offer YOU, our past, present and future families of WinGate answers to those challenges in this electronic Family Support Talking Circle. We offer a talking forum online and via conference calls in order to aid your growth and continued progress.

The professionals of Wingate Wilderness Therapy provide a wealth of important information for parents to use in helping their child. There are various help options and methods that are available. The following is a table of contents that includes the information provided by Wingate for parents. For more information call now at 1-800-560-1599.

Table of Contents

Family Support
a) Conference call weekly
b) Family Dynamics
c) Family Values and Why They Matter
d) Family Resources

Mental Health Topics

a) Thinking Errors or Cognitive Distortions
b) Depression, Anxiety and Anger – The Big Three States

Helping Things Go Right

a) Helping Things Go Right
b) Getting out of the Box
c) Staying out of the Box
d) Managing Power Struggles
e) Signs Your Teen Is In Trouble
f) Parenting 505: Dealing with Difficult and Challenging Teens

Navigating the Addicts World

a) Self Deception and The Twelve Steps
b) What to DO When you suspect your teen is drinking and/or drugging

Recommended Reading List 

Wingate Wilderness Therapy is here to provide parents with a viable help option for their struggling children, If you have any questions in regards to how Wingate can help call now at 1-800-560-1599.

Call 1-800-560-1599 or email us now to confidentially discuss
your situation with an experienced treatment professional and
to see if Wingate is right for your family.

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