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Young Adult Program | Men and Women

Programs for Struggling Young Men and WomenWinGate is an owner-operated wilderness therapy program designed to assist struggling young adults, both men and women, ages 18 -26. We specialize in working with dual diagnosis and believe strongly in a systemic approach. WinGAtes is licensed by the State of Utah as a Outdoor Therapy Program and a member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs.

Legions of young adults are dropping out of college, failing to find or keep employment, and living at home with their parents. The “failure to launch” and “boomerang kid” phenomenon has reached epidemic proportions recently, with many young adults remaining dependent upon parental support into their 20’s, 30’s, and even 40’s!

Many of these young people drop into depression, social withdrawal, substance abuse, video-game or social-media addiction, and other counterproductive behaviors that further delay their emergence into adulthood. Once negative behaviors take root, they often become the sole focus of well-meaning efforts to help the young person. But addressing negative behaviors is not enough. 

WinGate takes the time to get to know each young adult we work with. Even if their situation is increasingly common, their interests, talents, challenges, and story are unique. We use a combination of sophisticated therapies, simple wilderness living, and respectful connection to engage young adults in their own process of change. Only with this kind of authentic, internally motivated engagement can a young person achieve healthy adult independence. 

At WinGate, we try to roll with resistance instead of creating resistance. Rather than seek to modify a person’s behavior, we seek to assist in gaining insight into how these behaviors manifested and how we can aid in developing skills for new, more effective choices and behaviors.

"...The goal of WinGate is to walk alongside a young person as they venture into change..."

WinGate is unique in our desire to create a program that does not use a level system to gauge progress. We fundamentally believe in treating young adults like adults. While we certainly have rules and standards in order to keep our clients and staff safe, we try as much as possible to apply the golden rule and treat the young adults in our program the way we would want to be treated ourselves.

By understanding the whole person, rather than just a behavior, we can develop thorough and individualized treatment plans for the young person and work with the family to develop new and more effective strategies for the future. We feel our clients have had plenty of struggles with everyday life; we don’t need to push buttons in order to find out what our clients are struggling with.

Why Wilderness Therapy?

Therapeutic treatment in the wilderness offers a stark difference from traditional settings. The opportunities for consistent observation and intervention are uninterrupted by the day to day distractions of traditional settings. With no media, cell phones or trips into town, wilderness has a greater impact and a greater chance for long term change. A wilderness setting provides the epitome of experiential treatment, happening 24 hours per day, blended with traditional, individual and group therapy sessions.

Young men and young women in wilderness treatment have a greater capacity for attention to the process, develop closer and stronger relationships with staff and peers. Therefore, they are quicker to gain insight into their previous, unhealthy behavior and begin to make appropriate changes. This is further supported through overcoming the natural challenges that are encountered in the wilderness, as well as the self-efficacy and esteem that is achieved in the process.

“That’s when I realized that staying on that log or getting off that log was the whole point. It was my life in a nutshell. I decided, finally, that it was time to get up, to walk, to move forward. It was my choice to make.” Read Jake’s story…

Call 1-800-560-1599 or email us now to discuss your adolescent’s
situation and to see if Wingate’s alliance-based approach might
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Young Adult Program

Call 1-800-560-1599 or email us now to confidentially discuss
your situation with an experienced treatment professional and
to see if Wingate is right for your family.

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