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Does Your Child Have School Anxiety? Refusing to Attend School or Expelled?

For years WinGate Wilderness Therapy has helped thousands of families find success in the classroom by finding success outside the classroom first.

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The 3 things we have learned about how to help strugging children through school:

1: Most Students Hit a Rough Patch.

80% of successful students hit a rough patch in school while on their own path to success.  The important part of any rough patch—whether it’s school anxiety, school refusal, or getting expelled from school—is overcoming the adversity and getting back on track. 

2: Traditional Schools Do Not Have the Budgets or the Funding to Help Every Child Succeed.

With school funding cuts for the arts, counseling, and extra-curricular programs it is no wonder traditional school programs do not have the resources necessary to attend to the needs of every child in the system.  If you are looking to help your child, it is necessary to explore outside options and find ways to help your child have success.
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3: Often Problems Related to School Performance Are From Outside Factors.

Research has long shown that career performance can be negatively affected by personal issues.  This is no different for students. Lacking confidence, dealing with bullying, or other social issues can be what is causing your child to fail.  Removing your child from the situation can allow them to tackle what the real issues are behind poor performance in school.

WinGate’s program for middle, high school, and young adults allows students to remove all distractions and focus on the real problems that translates to greater success in the classroom and in life.  If your family is currently struggling with common issues such as school anxiety, school refusal, school expulsion, or general performance issues WinGate can help.

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Call 1-800-560-1599 or email us now to confidentially discuss
your situation with an experienced treatment professional and
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