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Substance Abuse & Addiction Treatment for Troubled Teens & Young Adults

Substance Abuse Addiction Troubled Teens Young AdultsWinGate wilderness therapy programs specializes in working with troubled teens and young adults facing issues related to a dual-diagnosis.

We focus on treating clients with substance abuse and addiction issues through a clinical treatment program that provides special emphasis to treating the presenting substance issues as well as other mental and emotional issues.

We provide a wilderness program for clients suffering from addiction and substance abuse that addresses more than just one or the other of their substance issues or their emotional issues; we treat both with equal emphasis.

In addition to our industry-leading clinical program that thoroughly addresses our clients’ mental and emotional issues, WinGate has additional features of our program that specifically address the substance abuse and addiction issues of our troubled teens and young adult clients.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Issues - we offer:

  • Clinical assessment and testing for substance abuse and dependence
  • Regular groups run by experienced substance abuse counselors that address addiction and substance abuse
  • One-on-one time with substance abuse counselors to work with clients on their recovery
  • A recovery workbook for clients struggling with these issues
  • Client-led daily recovery meetings
  • A psychoeducational approach to the disease model of addiction and the Twelve Step model of recovery.

These services are in addition to the individual and group therapy sessions, which also address client’s substance abuse issues. Therapeutic treatment in the wilderness offers a stark difference from traditional settings.  The opportunities for consistent observation and intervention are uninterrupted by the day to day distractions of traditional settings. 

With no media, cell phones or trips into town, wilderness has a greater impact and a greater chance for long term change.  A wilderness setting provides the epitome of experiential treatment, happening 24 hours per day, blended with traditional individual and group therapy sessions.

In addition, the remote wilderness setting offers fewer triggers, less desire for substances, and a higher likelihood of completing the program.

Participants in wilderness treatment have a greater capacity for attention to the process, develop closer and stronger relationships with staff and peers, and therefore more quickly gain insight into previous unhealthy behavior and begin to make appropriate changes. This is further supported through overcoming the natural challenges encountered in the wilderness and the self- efficacy and esteem achieved in the process.

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Call 1-800-560-1599 or email us now to confidentially discuss
your situation with an experienced treatment professional and
to see if Wingate is right for your family.

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