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WinGate Therapeutic Groups for Young Adults

Therapeutic Groups Troubled Teens Young AdultsWinGate Therapeutic Groups for young adults are specifically desigend to help young adults, right where you are. At WinGate, we know the potential of group work. From traditional therapist-led group therapy to psychoeducation groups that teach our clients about different aspects of their mental and emotional functioning. Our therapists and staff work together to help you get the most out of the therapeutic group. Every day, the WinGate staff run groups that help you focus on and learn about relevant issues in your life, helping you in the process of reorienting your life. There are several different types of therapeutic groups at Wingate:

Group Therapy

Every week, our therapists visit the group and conduct therapy groups during the layover days. These range in type and topic from discussions on the functioning of the group to group activities that are then processed. Our therapists often run innovative groups that will help you grow in understanding and awareness.

Substance Abuse Group

Our substance abuse counselors also come out to the group sessions once a week and run the group that specifically addresses substance issues. These range from psychoeducation group - teaching about the disease model of addiction.  Additionally, the substance abuse counselors present motivational interviewing group which enhance your drive to get clean and sober.

The goal of the group is both to educate you about substance abuse and addiction, and to give you the tools for recovery. Our primary therapists also often address substance use and addiction in their group as well, meaning that young adult clients attending Waypoints get much more substance abuse specific treatment than at many other therapeutic wilderness programs.

12-Step Meetings

The young adult clients at WinGate run a 12-step recovery meeting for themselves every day. These range in subject, but usually involve readings from AA, NA, or other 12-step fellowship literature, and a discussion. Staff usually participate in these meetings, but they are generally run by the clients. Mornings also usually begin with a reading from a recovery-oriented book that gives you the opportunity to contemplate the issues they are seeking recovery from.


Windspeaks are intentional groups run by staff or clients that are not clinical in nature but that are therapeutic. These typically address some mental, emotional, or personal topic and help you to build self-awareness and to relate in a group setting. Windspeaks are not intended to single you out and are not confrontational in nature, but they do invite you to think about your values and how those values have been expressed through your actions.

You may be invited to run several Windspeaks by your therapist or by staff. It is a great opportunity to teach your peers and gain a deeper understanding for yourself.

Client-called Group

As an adult client at WinGate, you will have the opportunity to call a group whenever you feel there is some topic that you need to address on the group level. This is appropriate for a range of topics: it may be a personal conflict with another client or with staff, it may be something  positive you want to share with the group, or it may be that you want help from the group dealing with some current mental or emotional struggle. The group dynamic is often one of the most healing aspects of treatment, and as a client at WinGate you are able to take full advantage of  groups.


Call 1-800-560-1599 or email us now to confidentially discuss
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