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Typical Day for WinGate Wilderness Experience

Typical day Wilderness Therapy Young AdultsA Typical Week for WinGate wilderness experience is exciting, refreshing, and awesome. Almost every day, time is set aside for the student to have time to create and practice your own morning routine of contemplation, meditation, or prayer. The place where this is done we call 'personal circles.' You will have opportunities to do therapy assignments, reading, and other work during Personal Mentoring Time (PMT), which also happens every day.

PMT is also a time for staff to check in with students personally. Students will keep track of what they do every day and get in the habit of setting goals during 'Day Track.' They choose what they will listen to, participate in, and sometimes conduct 'WindSpeaks' (Group Discussions) on topics that will help them become more mentally and emotionally self-aware.

And they will get the chance to make primitive wilderness living things like spoons, fire, moccasins, leather goods, and maybe even a bow and arrows. Interspersed in all of this will be recovery work and recovery meetings that focus their attention on what they came to wilderness to work on.

Mondays and Tuesdays are typically 'layover days.' On these days, the group doesn't hike. These are also the therapy days- your therapist will come out to do individual sessions and therapy groups. This is also the time when current staff rotate out and the new staff rotate in. Layover days are a good opportunity to make goals for, and prepare for the week, make items, finish letters to parents, work on therapeutic assignments tailored specifically to you, and to otherwise get things done without having a hike as part of the day.

The rest of the days of the week are typically "hiking days." On these days, the group packs up camp and hikes to a new camp. There are chores to attend to in cleaning up camp and in setting up the new site. Hikes vary in length according to the capabilities of the group members, the weather, and the season. Much of what can be accomplished on the non-hiking days can also be done on the hiking days as well.

Typical Day


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Call 1-800-560-1599 or email us now to confidentially discuss
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