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Metate Arch and Straight Cliffs, Devil's Garde...

WinGate and WayPoints Wilderness Therapy Programs

WinGate Location

WinGate is located in the stunning landscape of Southern Utah providing a powerful backdrop for a life-changing experience. WinGate is the only wilderness program authorized to operate in the scenic western section of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Our field provides

~ Ideal conditions with moderate weather patterns

~ Awe-Inspiring expanse of red rock formations and high desert terrain

~ A peaceful, safe environment for support and reflection resulting in deep and meaningful change

At WinGate Wilderness Therapy, we consider our spectacular location to be one of our strongest assets. The scenic views from nearly every corner of our field area sets us apart from other wilderness therapy programs.

When we were deciding where to create a wilderness program, we chose to be based out of Kanab in southern Utah for its perfect combination of accessibility from a major airport (Las Vegas), moderate climate, and beautiful landscape.

There is something consistently therapeutic about the natural beauty that surrounds our young adults as they hike through the washes, hills, and valleys of our course area.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is located in the Grand Staircase National Monument, one of the largest and most remote National Monuments in the United States with 1.9 million acres in all. Geologist Clarence Dutton named the region back in the 1870s.

He visualized it as a giant set of stairs leading up from the bottom of the Grand Canyon—ledge to ledge to ledge. These exposed sedimentary layers preserve more of the earth's geological history than any other place in the world.

The awe-inspiring region stretches up from the Grand Canyon out toward Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and Lake Powell.

WinGate is on the western side of the Grand Staircase National Monument. Our wilderness therapy groups hike and camp in these remote areas in order to remain free from outside influences while allowing students to experience the wonders of nature. Visitors to the area generally remain on the eastern Escalante side.

Our office is located in the town of Kanab, UT, three and a half hours away from Las Vegas. Our location provides the perfect balance of accessibility and remoteness, offering the ideal situation for our young adult clients to arrive quickly and be accessible to their families, but still be a world away from their problems at home.


Call 1-800-560-1599 or email us now to confidentially discuss
your situation with an experienced treatment professional and
to see if Wingate is right for your family.

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